Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby's First 9-1-1 Call

Yup. Claire made her first emergency call today. Ha. We were going to her 21 month weight check. Wow! 21 months on April 21st! Happy Day Claire! :) And while we were in the elevator, she pushed the emergency call button which was like a speaker phone that connected me to a live person. Oops. I was like, "Sorry, my toddler pressed the button." She does a great job of pressing the outside elevator buttons. I have to always watch her inside though because it seems like the ringing emergency bells are always the lowest! EEP!

Dr. W. was very pleased with her growth. She was 27.5 lbs naked and stood on the big kid scale for the first time! She jumped up to almost the 70th percentile for her weight and is back on her own growth curve. She was also just over 35 inches, as I predicted. Her growth curve stayed consistent on height. That leaves her the same at about the 95-97th percentile for height.

She also got her blood drawn from the inside of her arm like a grown-up to check for her iron levels. We should get the results back soon. I know she loves her Flintstones vitamins with Iron, so hopefully that level will be good.

It's hard to imagine that LAST YEAR at this time she had 0 teeth, (now she has 13!) she had not yet crawled or pulled to sitting, she wasn't eating solids at all!, she only said 3 words (Mama, Dada, and Baby), and she was only 24 lbs. :) Haha. Yes, she lost some weight once she started walking, but I think she's balanced out now!

Here is a cute video for you. She still fits in this dress! Check it out:

And another short, sweet video of her kissing me at the tender age of 8 months, which seems so, so long ago:

And another one, that always makes me laugh, and is a great one for me to play when I trim her nails as it distracts her:

Weren't those just the cutest videos ever? I had those on File Hurricane, but hadn't started blogging at that time.

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