Friday, May 15, 2009

Tante Anja has arrived!

Yesterday, Claire and I ran a bunch of errands on the opposite side of town, which included showing her off at my old school where I used to work. I dropped off a bag of shirts/sweatshirts/etc. that I haven't worn since and probably won't wear again. Ha. I know someone there will appreciate it. Then we hit up a cool bookstore called Secondhand Stories, which sells gently used books. Then we picked up my friend Anja from the new Indy airport. We attended the same college-prep school when I studied in Hanover, Germany. So Anja (say Anya with no hard J) will be here for 2 weeks. Yay.

So this morning, we started our day, ever-so-American, by garage-sale-ing. They do not have garage sales in Germany. Or lemonade stands by little kids. :) Anyway, I spent a whole 2 bucks, and got a book, a pair of Aqua-shoes for Claire, as well as a ride-on toy, and some cute Christmas coasters, that Claire insisted on taking with her...hey for less than a dollar, why say no? And she lost them someplace walking between the garage sales...we hit at least was great fun!

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