Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009

We went up to my parents house for Christmas. Here is Holly handing Claire a candy cane.
So if my mom finds any candy cane spots on the nice white carpet, it's Holly's fault! :)

Claire posing by my mom's Christmas tree. Check out my photos on facebook for more Christmas pictures, too, of our celebration with just Claire, Mommy and Daddy. You can see how barren our Christmas tree is in comparison.

Christmas Centerpiece

Claire "playing" the piano. What is cute about this one, is that it looks like she is reading the sheet music! longer just actually sounds half-way tolerable!

Showing her slip!

Yes, she was trying to eat the candy canes. They were real, but still wrapped:

She is totally trying to figure out how to eat the candy canes. She loves peppermint!

She was in love with the Nativity set and barn. My dad made this years ago, and I remember playing with it. She kept saying the whole way home: "Oma had 3 baby Jesus! One to touch! One in window! One under tree!"

Her other favorite! Oma's Christmas village!!!

She was saying "CHOO-CHOO!" You can totally see her lips saying it!

She kept saying, "Only touch with one finger!!!" since that's what my mom told her she could do. And she obeyed!!!

There were lots of other things to do and play with at Oma and Opas! She also loves riding on this rocking horse!


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