Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Not So Lazy Weekend

I think the vomiting thing was a total fluke. I think she gagged herself because she had no fever on Thursday and no other vomiting incidents. Just the one time several times in a row on Thursday. Odd. But to be on the safe side we stayed in on Friday. That and I had a major project to put the car/carseat back together! My parents rolled in for a visit yesterday in the evening for the weekend, so Claire had a blast playing and reading with them. :)

We went to breakfast at Blueberry Hill where Claire had almost an entire cup of hot chocolate...holy cow!!! Then we got a new mattress for her at Sam's since we had jacked one out of the guest room. parents got it so they'd have a place to sleep. What a deal. And guess where Claire is sleeping? Yup. On her "Princess Bed!" SCORE!

Then we swam at the Wellness Center. I think swimming while pregnant is quite possibly my most favorite thing in the world. The baby totally wakes up like when I lay down to sleep and goes crazy moving around! I wish to have an indoor pool and swim every day. Chop, chop Joshie. I'd also like our own personal hot-tub and steam rooms. Again, Chop, Chop. :) Claire had a blast and insisted on me letting her go so she could swim/float on her own. What a big step! That is the first she's wanted to do that! She had a life jacket on of course for me to let her go! :) It's a good quality boating one with complete head support. I wouldn't buy any other kind though!

Then we went to a Bday party at Monkey Joes for her friend Abby. Fun. Claire bit her lip jumping in a toddler jump area and bled, but wanted to go right back and play! Then after the party fun was over, she was playing again, went down a slide and smashed heads with another kid. This place was great though...really busy and fun. We'll have to go back! Poor Claire went to bed with a red spot on her face ... between her eyes/nose area from the head smash. Hopefully it won't bruise, but boy did she cry. I don't think I've ever actually heard her cry that hard before. :( I sat down and snuggled/nursed her and she was back to playing in a few minutes. Gotta love that "reset" nursing button.

THEN...we went to get some pizza with my parents/Josh at Mozzis. Claire dumped half her juice down her shirt from an open container, but luckily...I had an extra outfit for her :) Ha...pure luck.

So we got home and Claire wanted to sleep on her new mattress. Sweet. Knock on wood she'll be happy there all night!

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