Thursday, February 4, 2010

How am I feeling?

I've been feeling fine...other than the fact that I feel like, well, as big as a freaking house. I swear I am as big now at 30 weeks as I was at 40 weeks with Claire. I know they say that you get bigger sooner with the 2nd plus, but DANG. I think they say boys are bigger and second babies are bigger too.

Some things I've done because I forget I have a big baby belly:

Spit while brushing my teeth and gotten the spit all over my belly.

Have to fold in the mirrors to walk between our 2 cars in the garage. Can't squeeze through sideways anymore.

Hit my belly on various doors/doorjambs/counters. No bruises yet. I did bruise my belly one time with Claire in a parking lot. I turned sideways and smacked into a rearview mirror. Dang that one hurt.

Given up sleeping on my back in the past few weeks. I am a huge back sleeper. :(

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lauranemma said...

This reminds me of a time when I was 8 months pregnant and a car parked to close to mine in the parking garage. I couldn't open the door wide enough to turn to
sit in the drivers seat because my belly was too big. I couldn't climb through the passengers side because I drive a Jetta and it was too tight a squeeze.

I ended up rolling down the window and sticking my belly through it so I could turn to sit down.

Hang in're getting close. Enjoy the little love kicks and taps while you still can. I didn't think I would miss them after I had Emma, but I do...the little turns, kicks and sweet! :)