Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Sister, Big Helper

Here is Claire in one of her big sister shirts! So give me ideas...what are some things I can do for "special" time with Claire? My ideas
painting nails/toes
reading books
sidewalk chalk
making something in the kitchen
Ok...really anything can be made special? But I'm sure you have good ideas?
Also, How can she help with baby? I have her gently brush his hair, wipe his cord with a cotton ball with alcohol, get diapers, wipes, throw them away...etc...but what else can you think of? She loves to help and she LOVES to hold him. She wants to nurse him too, but that doesn't work so well. ;)
PS...random side note...I just ran spell check and for "playdoh" it suggested PLAYBOY. Wow. In case you ever wondered...


Amy said...

When Claire was a baby I had a special song that I NEVER sang to Claire - I ONLY sang it to big sister Mary Grace. I think it helped her feel connected to me. I made a big deal about how it was her special song, and then if she wanted something and I couldn't get to her right away, I'd say, "I'll do that in a minute, but how about right now I sing you your special song?" and it usually helped with the waiting (because you can sing and change a diaper at the same time, but you can't necessarily change a diaper and hold a toddler at the same time, right?)

Anyway, don't overthink it. She'll actually adjust better to having a baby brother if you don't make a big hairy deal out of "special Mommy time" and stuff. If you just go matter-of-factly into the world of having two kids, and say, "well, this is how it is now," when she fusses about it, she'll get on board faster than if you treat her like you've injured her somehow by giving her a sibling. Does that make sense?

aribaby said...

With Ari, We just kept doing what we always did and she adjusted just fine. I can't think of any other special activities because I think you listed just about everything we do together!

Helping with the baby... she "helps" with baths, throws out diapers, brings me my boppy, brings me diapers and wipes, picks up toys the baby might "eat", helps me sing songs to the baby and entertains the baby by shaking rattles for her. She likes to bring Greta toys a lot, but you are a few months off of that helping.

Turtlespinning said...

I like Amy's idea of a song. I know we each had a song that mom would sing us for bedtime and I can still sing all three. Not sure if Rich ended up with a song.

I recently read about a mother and daughter that did a spa night once a week. They had some ritual of burning a candle and playing music. Then they would do masks, soaks, nails, whatever. I think her daughter was around nine. So maybe something to do when Claire is older, but I thought it was a cute idea.