Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full of Fail

I've felt full of fail lately. Like there's not enough time to do stuff. Always laundry. Always dishes. Always an empty Always full laundry baskets and full trash cans. Sigh. I should be in bed and I was but I can't sleep. Claire is in love with preschool now and asks to go every morning. She had some tears the first few times, but now is totally in love and wants to draw pictures for her teachers to bring them. :) Aww.

Dropped Claire off at preschool. Noticed lots of cars in the parking lot. Got excited that the church might be having a rummage sale. Pulled closer and saw a hearse. Fail.

Got Starbucks hot chocolate to enjoy on my grocery shopping trip with Alex. Dropped the totally full cup on the parking lot ground and got hot chocolate all over my sandaled feet. Fail.

Went to Tumbling last week and nobody called us to tell us that class was cancelled. Fail.

Took Claire to the dentist. She has 4 cavities. FAIL. One in each of the pre-molars. Sigh as everyone I tell says something like, "TOO MUCH JUICE? CANDY? COMFORT NURSING? ETC?" Of course it's all my fault. I brush and floss them EVERY DAY! She had a perfect check-up 6 months ago...???

Have a pile of thank-yous I "STILL" haven't written from when Alex was born.

Josh's grandma Peggy is dying. I'd like to go with Josh and have her meet Alex, but it's a 10 hour drive. Tickets even on the cheap are 200/each. So that's a big fat fail, too.

I went to church on Sunday. Alex started rooting. I tried to nurse him and Claire started to stick her head there even though she hasn't nursed at church then she started to throw a fit. Of course this was right as he was starting the sermon. Then I take them out and go to the nursery to rock. They have 2 chairs. One is missing an armrest. The other had a broken support on the bottom. It seemed fine. I sat in it and rocked and talked to the attendant for a few. So then it broke about 5 min. later and me and Alex are on the floor. He's screaming cause he's not nursing and plus it was jarring. My butt hurt. FAIL! I told you that I break things.

I go to bed with the kids and I'm still tired. So why not stay up late and blog and still be tired...


Amy said...

We all go through periods when everything seems to go wrong. I've sure been there. Your house will gradually get cleaner as your kids get older. Trying to clean with kids in the house is like trying to nail Jello to the wall.

When Chuck was little he got tons of cavities because he was on liquid antibiotics all the time (asthma). Has Claire been on a lot of medicine?

Maybe this can be your reason to night wean - "Claire, you can't nurse anymore until morning, you've already brushed your teeth. You'll get more cavities." Not saying that the nursing caused it, but if you're looking for a good excuse... She's old enough to understand that logic.

Also, what kind of toothpaste are you using on her? I was using fluoride-free toothpaste thinking that I was doing the right thing (fluoride being a neurotoxin and all), and our dentist said that I should be using toothpaste with fluoride, so we switched.

Hang in there. It'll get better. I'm really sorry about Josh's grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Hugs Maria! I'm there with you many days!

Sorry to hear about the cavities. You know my experience. My top recommendation is not to beat yourself up over it. Make whatever changes you feel will make a difference and go from there. Our dentist said that cavities caused by nursing or taking a bottle are limited to the top teeth b/c the tongue shields the bottom teeth. So he had no explanation for the cause of the lower molar cavities in Izzy.

My prayers are with you and your family as you go through this with his grandmother.

Stacey said...

Hugs to you Maria!!!! :-) And you know this, as well as I do, but you never know what causes cavities in little ones. Most likely it's genetics or spoon sharing with an adult... don't beat yourself up over the small stuff! You have 2 beautiful, healthy babes that YOU made and take care of 24/7! YOU ROCK :-)