Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have a cousin!

Welcome to the world, NOLAN ANDREW SHERWOOD! Born this morning at 10:05! He was 22 inches and he weighs 9 lbs. 1/2 oz. What a big boy! :) The most amazing thing was I was able to "listen" to the birth via the phone since she lives like 10 hours away. Holly delivered at a midwifery center and had calm relaxing music. They kept telling her good job, etc. I could hear Holly breathing and a little of what was going on in the room. Then I heard the baby cry and it was amazing! :) What first time Mom has a baby ON THEIR DUE DATE! WHOA! And totally natural...go Holly!

Claire will be glad to have another little baby to give kisses to in addition to Alexander!

Alex was also very excited about his new baby cousin and wants to know if they can lay next to each other soon! :)


mwiesjahn said...

Congratulations Maria! I adore being an aunt and I'm sure that you will too. How fun to have babies so close in age!

Baby Keenen Blog said...

He's cute - what a big healthy boy! Love all the boys this year! Congrats again and enjoy being an auntie!