Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Exciting Part Time Job!

I won't keep you waiting any longer!  I am now selling Discovery Toys!  They have some super duper cool stuff.  Check them out here:  Happy Browsing!  Feel free to place an order, contact me for a show or catalog show if you want lots of free product, or just look around to see some popular items this year!


Online Only!

Skip the long crazy lines on Black Friday and shop from your computer! Know for sure you are getting what you want! No waiting at 3am in a line to maybe get what you want! Get high quality educational toys with a lifetime guarantee with just a few clicks of your mouse:)

Spend $55 and get to choose 1 of the following toys for FREE!

Super Yummy Teether #2937 Reg. $10

Place and Trace #1888 Reg. $15

Progressive Puzzles #2937 Reg.$15

Whiz Kidz #4966 Reg. $12.50

Online Orders Only!

Go to
to take advantage of FREE toys!

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