Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call me crazy, but...

I wanna get a tattoo.  Actually I want to get 3 tattoos.   I don't actually have any tattoos now, but I've wanted to get one for a long time...probably since I was about 16.  I just have never gotten around to getting any.

My first one that I want to get is a heart on my wrist.  See this post for why.  I think I will get a red one with a black outline.  It will be small.  Maybe the size of a quarter. 

The second one that I'd like is something with my my kids' names and probably their birth dates in number format.  I'm thinking I'd like that on my upper arm.  I'm thinking my shoulder would be cool, but then I couldn't really see that, so that kind of art wouldn't be for me.  I want something I could see.

The other one that I'd like is the LLL logo.  This organization means a lot to me because I've met so many friends through it.  It's the image of a mother holding a baby.

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Katie said...

I think I could almost go with the International Breastfeeding sign..... but no tattoos here yet.