Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visit to Timbercrest

So this past Sunday, Josh went to a Colts game with Alex. In the new stadium. And the Colts won. And he got sunburned since the dome was open, and he's pasty. Poor Joshie :( I'm sure he had a lot more fun than if he would've come with Claire and I to visit my side of the family.
I trucked on up to the Fort Wayne area to visit my Grandparents, Claire's GREAT-grandparents, and have Claire meet her Great-Aunt Winnie and Great-Uncle Bob for the first time ever! My Grandparents live in a retirement village called Timbercrest which is in a little town outside of Fort Wayne. According to the GPS it's only 86 miles from here to there.

Here am I holding Claire and trying not to notice all the bees flying around the flowers. Yikes. Winnie and Bob cute!!

Here is Winnie and Vernon. Winnie looks like my Great-Grandma Adeline, who passed when I was in 8th grade, but I can remember pretty well.

We are in one of the lounges in Timbercrest. We decided to go down there because their apartment was totally not baby-proof. She was pulling all their books and CDs off their shelves. She's our little destroyer.

L-R seated: Bob, Winnie, Vernon, LaVerne. Standing: Arlene, Maria and Claire. Good job to my dad...I don't think he was in a single picture all day, although he took several, like this one!

Ahh. I did capture my dad on the video camera.

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