Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Claire has figured out to take bites out of stuff. I think now that her top two lateral incisors (the fangs!) are almost all the way in, it makes it easier. I also discovered her bottom two 1-year old molars have broken through the gums when I was brushing her teeth last Friday. I was thinking that's why she's been waking up a lot more at night and a little more clingy during the day.

Amanda and Alex stopped by to see their favorite little Clairesey! :)

Last week was very busy. Monday we walked with Dianne and Christoph around our neighborhood and then had them in to play. Tuesday we went to the Eastside LLL meeting, which is always fun. Then we went to Daddy's work and showed off her new walking skills. Then we went to a little Mexican place for lunch. Later that evening, Claire and I *tried* babysitting for Catrece. Sorry Christy :(!!! On Wednesday we had Nathan and Kelly over. Nathan is the same age as Claire. It's fun to see how different kids the same age have changed in the past year. Thursday we went to story time and then played at the library. I would love to take daily pictures and blog more but this whole feeding her solids three times a day is about an hour process each meal. Then by the time I groom/change/bathe her daily and put her down for naps, there's no day left if we go anywhere or do anything. (Wait...the mention of grooming her and putting her down make her sound like she's a cat...a very old sick cat if it needs putting down.) Then on Friday we went to the Broad Ripple LLL and out to Panera for lunch. Yummers! :)

I've resorted to bathing her in the sink again, mostly because it's just super convenient after she smears her dinner all over herself, but also because she keeps standing up in the tub and I'm after she's going to fall and crack her head on the spigot. She's never tried standing up in the sink...yet.

Look at how tiny she was last October for Richie's birthday weekend at only 2.5 months old. Oh, what a difference a year makes!

Now look at her! She walks and talks! At the end of this one you can her her quacking and saying turtle. I will get her making monkey noises and mooing posted soon. Too cute!

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