Monday, April 27, 2009

Adorable Easter Outfit

Here is Claire with her life-sized Barbie friend from Glama Lynn and Grandpa Jason. It's actually still bigger than her!

She loves saying "Barbie" and calls anything that looks like a Barbie, like the Disney Princesses, "Barbie." She likes to give Barbie kisses.

She also likes to help Barbie talk on the phone. I'm guessing it's Ken.

I love this little Easter dress. It's actually a 3T so I'm hoping it still fits her next year. It was a little big! But man, look how long her legs are! These shoes are a 6 1/2 and fit perfectly; thanks Oma and Opa!

The butterfly and all the flowers and bunnies are raised. It's quite possibly the cutest dress I've ever seen. So how long after Easter is over can I have her wear this?

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