Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Pursey!

Claire is in love with her little Pursey that she got from Oma and Opa for Easter. She takes her little treasures in it everywhere we go.
These are the bottoms of her new Stride Rite shoes. She had a ball at this play area!

Claire puts on necklaces and hats everyday. She had her purse in her right hand, but you can't see it in this shot. She LOVES her accessories! Oh, and she picked out these sparkly shoes herself...I'll try to post a closer shot of them soon!

In her pursey (that is what she calls it) she carries her cell phone, a little book (she loves little books), a rock from the park, stickers she has collected, hair thingys, and other little toys. I have to try to clean it out as she will often tuck something in there like an animal cracker or other food items. Also having been found in there are chives, dandelions, and grass from our yard. It's pretty funny what she wants to put in there. If she can't get it in because it's too big she will push on it dramatically screaming, "FIT! FIT!"

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aribaby said...

What a character!