Sunday, May 31, 2009

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

On Tuesday, Claire, Anja, and I headed to the Indy Zoo with our neighbor Jessie and 2 of her girls. We had a good time. We got an early start and made it in for the 10:30 dolphin show. If you go, don't expect too much from the dolphin show. It's all of 15 minutes, so don't be late, either. Here is a little video to tide you over until I get around to posting more stuff. I am about 2 weeks behind on laundry. I am always behind on laundry. Seriously. Ugh. Oh, so here is a video that is actually from the Botanical Gardens, which is connected to the Indy Zoo in White River State Park, which we did later in the day, as you can tell since all the girlies are sleeping. Claire wanted to ride with Amelia all day, so Sophia rode in Claire's stroller. It worked out quite well; check it out:

It was supposed to rain...a 60% man, did we luck out!

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