Monday, July 27, 2009

Beads for Baby!

While I was in VA Beach, Josh went camping at a biker rally. Apparently it's a lot like Mardi Gras...not that I've been...but from what I've heard. So there was a lot of drinking and beads involved. Like any good Daddy, Josh brought home some beads for Claire!
She had lot of fun taking them on and off and on and off. She now wants to make sure I see everything. She will say "Gookie Mommy!" for LOOKIE!


Claire's Current Favorite Questions:
  • I sleep with it? (Wants to know if she can sleep with something like a book, toy, etc)
  • I take it with? (Wants to know if she can bring a book, toy, etc. to the store or wherever)
  • I keep it? (Wants to know if she has to give it back!)
  • MINE!?! (See above!)
  • Gum?!? GUM!? (She always wants to chew gum. All. Day.)
  • Daddy home?

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opa said...

hey how about some pics from the bike fest too??