Thursday, July 23, 2009

Claire-Bear's Songs!

Claire has started singing around the house. She will ask me to turn on her CD that has popular toddler tunes on it like the Barney theme song and Elmo's song. If you don't know Elmo's song, check it out here:

Claire keeps singing the line "Elmo's song, La La La La" OVER AND OVER. Then she will stick in whatever toy and sing "Baby doll's song, La La La La"--but tonight was the cutest because she said "Claire-Bear Song! La La La La."

Among other songs she likes to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Star" over and over as well as "Jesus loves ME!" She almost always screams the ME. Those would be the only lines from the songs she sings as well. :)

She is also discovering a sense of humor. While in VA Beach she started calling Holly a poo-poo head. Lovely. Then when we came home she kept saying it and started saying poop and pee behind anything because she thinks it's funny. Oh, and on the plane I took the book "Once Upon A Potty" with...bad idea. She was yelling POOP! PEE MISS POTTY! on the page where the poop and pee are on the floor next to the potty. It's her favorite page. Well, actually her favorite page is the one where the little child is bent over and you can see the anus. She likes to point at it and say "BUTTHOLE MAKE POOP!" This is not such a good book to take on a plane. She kept yelling BUTTHOLE. If I ignored it, she got louder. If I shushed her, it got louder. She was such a little stinker. It's a very good book for potty training though, and would advise buying it or checking it out at the library.

She has her puzzle with the alphabet. She kept saying ABC's PEE! I thought she was just saying random letters until she started saying ABC'S POOP. I guess she is discovering what is "funny"--hmm...what do I do? Ignore? Act normal?

Her other funny thing is she will say "UNCLE" in front of everything. Like tonight she was overtired when I laid down with her to go to sleep. She kept saying "Night night Uncle Pillow"; "Night night Uncle My bed" ; "Night night Uncle mommy's shirt" ; "Night night Uncle Jammie pocket!" and of course after each one she would giggle like it was the funniest thing she had ever thought of. I don't know where she picked that Uncle funny-ness from.

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Darius and Kelly Miknaitis said...

Nathan LOVES that Elmo clip. We watch it on You Tube all the time. He also likes to subsitute his name and Katelyn and Mommy and Daddy's song. It's pretty cute.
Happy Birthday to Claire!