Monday, July 13, 2009

Comment Away!

Ok, so I had 3 emails yesterday about having trouble leaving comments. Yargh. Then my Dad called me and he and my mom never can leave I have changed the settings so ANYONE can comment without ever signing in. However, I am still requiring typing in a code word to prevent spam comments. Also, please do sign your name. It drove me nuts when I was trying to guess who was leaving what comments. I can kind of guess who is saying what (like my brother Richie leaves usually highly entertaining comments) but it is just easier and doesn't leave me wondering about who could leave such a gross spelling mistake. I want to call you up and tell you that YOUR and YOU'RE are NOT THE SAME.

I think that the OPEN ID is hard to use for non-frequent users, but it is possible! Anyways, if you don't put your name in the top box, then sign it in the actual comment.

I don't know...I really don't think that my life is THAT INTERESTING that I need to make my blog private, but I think private blogs settings are annoying because they will not show up in my feedreader. If you don't know what a feedreader is (ahem, Mom and Dad) it is basically an email set-up that checks new blog posts. So 5 seconds after someone posts a new blog posting, it will show up in my feedreader, which uses the same Outlook set-up that I use for my email. I hope I didn't totally butcher that explanation. I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong. HA!

So back to other annoying things. If you have a feedreader, I would really advise you to "follow" your own blog and subscribe to your own updates. This way you can see if there are ever any problems or broken pictures, etc. Also, if you have more than one author (like a spouse) you will be alerted to their post without them having to tell you.

Also a tip...change your settings in your blog layout for a FULL feedreader view. WHY? Well, I subscribe to some more commercially blogs, that sometimes post about stuff that interests me (breastfeeding and other parenting issues like discipline, etc...) but if my attention isn't caught in those first 2 AND ONLY lines...guess what...I'm not going to click on "VIEW ONLINE" -- ever. It will get deleted and never looked becomes a big deal, which will be made clear because some other blogger will post about it, or I might see it on Twitter. Also, if you post a video or slideshow, try to remember to SAY you are posting a video, etc.. because it will show up as a little empty white space in the feedreader, and nobody will know it was ever there.

Also, if you do not have a profile picture, SET takes all of 30 seconds! If you do not know how to do this, then leave a comment, and I will have to take 30 seconds to write a post on HOW TO.'s under your profile...take 5 minutes to figure it out and stop annoying me with your little grey pictures. :) HEHE. Actually, on some other blogs that I follow, with lots more followers, I've noticed like 10 or more people that haven't set profile pictures. Seriously? You take the time to have a blog and post stuff, but can't set a profile picture. This is like leaving the default answering machine message on. Oh wait? You haven't set a personal voicemail...well ok, then...that explains everything. Hehe. No, I still love you all!!!

If you follow my blog and aren't listed as a follower (check the upper right where all the little blog profile pictures are)...FOLLOW ME! :)

If you have been following my blog as a silent stalker and are waiting for a chance to introduce so comments! SAY HI! Leave a link to your blog if you have one and I may start stalking you. Blogs are fun...they are so is Facebook...a sneak peek into someones life...what fun!

Ok, that's about it for my rants and complaints then...have a happy Monday! :)

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Joshua Starr said...

Nice posting about feedreaders and blogging tips!