Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Claire is so excited that she can put on these velcro dress shoes herself. If I let her, she would probably spend all day in the laundry room playing with her shoes. We also call this the pantry, but I don't actually keep any food in here...it's all in the cupboards in the kitchen!
Wrong foot! She doesn't seem to care about getting them on the right foot yet!

She loves to play with this squishy orange ball!

Dirty footprints! YIKES! Well we have a big mud ring around the edge now.

She loves the patio already!

Notice my tomato plants? I have 3 and 1 pepper plant!


Matt Fetissoff said...

Looks great Maria! Glad you guys get to enjoy your backyard a little bit more now :)

Anonymous said...

Let her love shoes now while they fit her! love, mom