Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Newly Framed Pictures

We got some new pictures framed of Claire. We had to get this for our little July baby! I can't believe she is turning 2 in 2 weeks from today! We had to miss two 7-7-07 weddings because I was ready to pop any day! I REALLY wanted her to come early and have that awesome birthday, but no, she came late!

Don't you think she could be on the cover of a magazine? I like this because she is always in front of me, so it's like the view I see of her all the time!

And I really like the frame on this one. It's my favorite family one because we look so natural. Claire isn't exactly looking, but she has a great smile. I figure she has enough other photos of her around the house of her looking! :)
So next time you're over, you'll have to take a look and see where we hung them up!

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