Sunday, September 6, 2009

Black Light Mini-Golf

We went black-light mini-golfing with our friends Matt and Brooke. Claire wasn't such a great help. Notice she has taken all of our golf balls!

They had a cute little golf club that was just her size! Of course she is probably close to 37 inches by now!

Claire really enjoyed seeing all the fish and paintings in "That Fun Place." It's pretty close to a locally owned Chuckie Cheese, but they have laser tag, bumper cars, and some kiddy rides in addition to the golf, pizza, and typical skeeball type games you win tickets at. I have never actually been to a Chuckie Cheese in my adult life, but I hear the pizza there isn't bad either? This place tosses their own crusts! Awesome!

She so did not get the game concept, but we all had fun anyways!

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