Monday, September 7, 2009

Indiana Beach Amusement Park

Last Sunday I headed out on road trip! Josh flew to San Francisco for a business trip. I started out by meeting my parents at Indiana Beach for a day of rides!
Claire got to try her hand on rides for the first time. You have to be 36 inches for most kiddy rides like this.

The cool thing about IN Beach was kids ages 2 and under are free to ride! YAY! Admission and parking were also free, so it's a very reasonable place to go.

Claire had fun riding these boats and ringing the bell. I remember riding these same boats when I was little and having fun sticking my fingers in the water.

Here I am watching her!

Claire was terrified of the big Ferris wheel. But it was very windy and almost cold! It was only about 60!

If you've been to IN Beach, you'll remember these nasty carp that will eat anything, small children probably included.

Here is Claire on the very open train! She had fun!

Her favorite kiddy ride was the cars. She rode on them at least 4 times!

Here is my dad watching her!

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