Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fair Oaks Farms

Fair Oak Farms made a great outing on our way home last weekend! Claire and I enjoyed some mint chocolate chip ice cream. My mom and dad were eating too. Don't worry, there are 3 bowls for 4 people. Claire can eat her weight in ice cream. :) You can see the cheese making equipment in the background.
This is the birthing barn. We saw and 82 lb heifer born shortly after noon. It was an amazing experience. I would love to go all day and sit in there and watch calves be born. They have it set up like an auditorium with the cows behind thick glass. Then you sit in a darkened bleacher area and can see everything. They also have cameras set up in case they turn the other way, you can watch it on the video monitor. They have 10 farms altogether and about 10 calves born on this particular farm each day. We also got to see another momma recovering and her baby calf trying to stand up on wobbly freaking cute! They also have a large outdoor play area. In the left of this photo you can see a large jumping balloon that's like a trampoline for the kids to jump on.

RUNNING! She needed to get some running time after sitting on the bus tour of the farm area!

All smiles for Oma. She loves to say "CHEESE!" for the camera...even the video camera. It's pretty funny.

This is the milking parlor. The cows ride in a big circle and get milked. Basically, they hook up giant breast pumps and steal the milk from the calves. Now I know why some people omit cheeses and dairy from their diet in addition to meat...those poor baby calves...feed from's so unnatural. But I like my dairy products. Sorry guys, my taste buds win. We couldn't get Claire to turn for the picture. She was too fascinated with the cows.

Claire riding the choo-choo train! One of the many outdoor attractions in addition to the museum hands-on stuff. I would definitely recommend taking a trip up was a blast!

Claire talked about this "cow train" when we came home. She was right...there is a cow on it! She was telling Josh about it. "I ride cow train! I ring bell! Ding-dong! I saw baby cow come out mommy cow!"
Marsh now carries the milk from FOF. COOL!

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