Monday, September 14, 2009

Funny Sayings

I am sure as time goes on I will have more and more funny things to share that Claire has said! Here are a few stories:

At the grocery store while picking out produce, the sprinklers came on. Claire excitedly exclaimed, "Mommy! It raining in here!!!"

I sometimes make rice for breakfast and put cinnamon and sugar on it, but Claire likes hers plain. She saw me sprinkle cinnamon on mine and said, "Mommy, I no want dirt on mine!"

I was in Claire's way. She wanted me to move. So she said, "Mommy! Move on back!" A little too much "Wheels on the Bus" perhaps? LOL!

Yesterday we visited Fair Oak Farms which really easy to find right of of I-65. We were able to watch a calf being born. It was amazing! When we got home, the first thing Claire said to Josh was, "Daddy! I saw baby cow come out mommy cow!" I would totally recommend going there! Check the hours to make sure you are able to take a bus tour as that is included in the museum price. I'd also advise going when it is nice out so you can take advantage of all the outdoor kiddy rides, which are included.

Claire has developed a sense of privacy. I still keep her in diapers/pull-ups but she goes on the potty several times a day (both #1 and #2). I am just too nervous about cleaning up accidents. Anyways, if she wants me to leave she will say something like, "No see me Mommy. Go away. Go in kitchen Mommy. Eat food. Turn around. Don't see me! No looking at me."

When I help her get dressed, she loves to say "Where Claire go? I hiding!" when the shirt covers her eyes. She has been able to put on her own sandals since we visited Holly and I got some Velcro one she can fasten. She will ask, "That foot Mommy? It go there?" to make sure she's putting it on the right one.

She LOVES going to the library story time. It's very exciting as we are now in the Toddler Group versus the Baby Mother Goose Group. It's a little longer and the kids get to make a craft. She has used a glue stick for the first time! When we pull in the parking lot, she goes "STORY TIME! READ BOOKS! SING SONGS! SEE FISHIES! PLAY TOYS! I WANT TO GO IN HOUSE MOMMY!" She loves the little play house and Lego table at the library, since those are a couple things we don't have at home. We definitely can't skip story time. She loves it way too much!!!

Her appetite has increased immensely. She can say "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty! I want more food please!" One of her favorite foods is corn-on-the-cob. I'm sure it's because corn is sweet. But it was really funny as she had corn this past Saturday night, and when we got back to my mom's house. She ASKED me to brush her teeth. She goes, "Mommy, brush teeth? I have corn teeth." She meant she had corn IN HER teeth, but it was funny the way it came out. She is starting to use more and more "little" words like prepositions (in, on, under, etc) and articles (the, a, an) which are really making the longer sentences flow.

We have shared about the baby with her, of course. She will say, "Mommy have baby in tummy. I be big sister soon!" She of course, is probably clueless as to what this really means, but we have several months to go!

She also will say "Good morning; Goodnight; Sweet Dreams!"

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