Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Misunderstandings

Here are a couple funnies I had to post about before I forget!

Friday we had a rainy morning. We went out to get the mail, and it turned into a worm hunt. Claire had a blast looking at them, esp. if they were moving and wiggling around. Then I made her some Ramen noodles for lunch and cut them up. They are VERY squiggly noodles. She looked funny at the bowl and asked in her little toddler questioning voice, "Those WORMS Momma?"

The other story is also about food...kind of. She had a wad of dried oatmeal on her cheek, but she wasn't letting me wipe it off. She likes to run away screaming, "No wiping my face!" So I just left it, but then she felt it and kept touching it. Finally, she goes, "Momma, I gotta pimple." I thought this was hilarious too.

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