Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chatty Claire-sey

Claire has really started to ask me questions which are cute and annoying on a level. Here are some of her favorites:

  • What you doing?
  • How are YOU!?
  • WHERE ARE YOU? (Our house seems so big to her!)
  • Go get mail now? (LOVES to help me get the mail. She figured out she can push her shopping cart out to the mailbox and "carry" it in for me. One or 3 babies usually rides along.)
  • Go bye-bye now? (LOVES to go anywhere?)
  • Take bath now? (Would swim all day if I let her!)
  • More candy? More candy? (We normally don't have candy around the house, but we still have like 80 lbs of it left from Josh's booth at the Schmooza Palooza. I'm hoping Halloween will get here soon, so we can get rid of it. Hiding it doesn't work anymore. She knows it is still in that cupboard. Although, she doesn't like nuts or Carmel stuff so that limits what she will eat! I actually am too nervous to give her nuts still, but she doesn't like Twix or Milky Ways...I think the carmel is too gummy for her.)
  • Go to Leche? See babies? (She loves going to LLL to see babies! I can't wait till she gets her own baby in April. I totally see her calling it her baby, too! hehe!)
  • Daddy be home soon? (Sometime she will say this before even getting out of bed in the morning, but she knows Daddy will be home eventually!)
  • Call Holly (or whoever) ? (She loves to hear people talk and gets a huge grin on her face. Sometimes she will be quiet but she knows there is someone talking to her!)
  • Not a question, but tonight I made a quiche for dinner. Claire was super pumped to try the pie. Little did she know it had ham, cheese, eggs, and veggies, and nothing sweet about it. :) "No want this one. Want Chalk-late one Mommy!!!!" The funny thing is I can't remember ever making a chocolate pie in the past couple years....we must have had one someplace that was chocolate or she wouldn't know what PIE is. I hate crust in general so pie is something I don't really make, and if I do, it's like a quiche with only a bottom crust that I don't have to eat.
  • I go Home Depot? (SHE LOVES THOSE ORANGE CARS. Seriously...I need to see about walking home with one one of these days. KIDDING. But it's probably only about a mile. Totally do-able. :) Wouldn't that be something walking around the neighborhood on a daily walk with an orange shopping cart car from Home Depot. Hehe.)
  • I go story time? (Her other favorite obsession. PLUS she loves to look at the fish they have there.)
  • OUTSIDE? OUTSIDE? OUTSIDE? (Started asking for outside about this time last year. LOVES the outdoors. We hang out on the patio at least once a day in addition to walking. My brother David asked why I was so tan when I saw him at the Popcorn fest. Ha. I have a toddler and no fence. :) That says it all!)

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Amy said...

Regarding "her baby..." When the Claire that lives in my house was born, Mary Grace started calling her "our Claire." "Our Claire's awake!" was one of her favorite things to yell - poor Claire got shouted at every time she opened her eyes for a good year.

At the time, I didn't think there was much need to distinguish "our Claire" from all the other Claires, but now that the name has gotten popular, I guess it's a good thing that we already call her "our Claire."

If our kids meet, maybe the Claire that lives at your house will be called "your Claire." :)