Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby Two! I went to the OB to entertain Josh and see what they would charge vs. our family doctor where I am going now. Isn't it crazy how money dictates medical decisions? We had a minor scare...and I do say minor as there was a medical student working today. So the med student couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. I would've been more freaked out if I hadn't been feeling so much morning sickness. I think it's peaking now and will subside soon. I lost another pound. I weigh 5 lbs. less now than I did at the end of July when I got pregnant.
So yeah...the med student couldn't find the heartbeat so then they did an Ultrasound. Seriously ridiculous. I wanted to offer to try to find it. She was seriously like pressing on my pubic bone with the Doppler may be low, but not THAT low. Well the cool thing about the Ultrasound was getting to see the baby twist and turn around...I even saw it yawn! So cute! It looks sooo much bigger than at 6 weeks. I got some pictures I'll have to scan in later as well. They said I was measuring 6 days sooner than my who knows? Claire was late and I so do not want to have another induction.
So to help this, I am also meeting with a midwife tomorrow which I am excited about. I'm wondering what questions to ask her. I should prepare a list, but that's too much work.
I think my milk supply may be dropping as well, which is common as one travels towards the middle of pregnancy. I can't believe I am 1/3 of the way there. Claire's appetite is increasing as well. She ate 3 bananas today, in addition to a bunch of other foods. Is that too many? I'm not going to give her another one, though today. I figure somedays she probably eats the same amount in something like grapes, but it is harder to count those! Or maybe she's just having a growth spurt or has been running around more today than usual.
Well in preparation for baby two...I've been asking people with 2 or more what is the best thing to do to get ready. My mom suggest to stop using anything that is going to be for the new baby. So, I put the swing in the closet the other day. The weight limit is 30 lbs and last time she was weighed she was at 30!!! Plus she plays with enough other stuff now. Next I need to put away the bouncy seat, but she likes putting her babies in it to "sleep" but I thought I should just phase out one thing a week for awhile. I need to hide the Boopy pillow which she likes running around with like an inner tube! I don't know what else to do to get ready. I was wondering about transitioning to her own space to sleep, but we still have some time to do that. Someone also said, get as much sleep as possible now and don't even try to mess with that. Any tips/ideas/suggestions????? Please do tell...


Amy said...

Those bananas are going to be their own punishment next time you change a diaper!! :)

Have you read my "two under two" posts -

Sorry you're sick!

Kelly said... is a post that had some good pointers. :)
I hope you start feeling better soon.
Going from 1 kid to 2 was FAR EASIER in almost every single way than going from 0 to 1 kid.

Anonymous said...

All of my kids have gone through a banana craze phase and would eat several in a day w/o any ill effects. Cheap, easy, healthy snack is always good in my book, especially while mom isn't feeling good!

Night time was the hardest thing about adding a new little one. Start transitioning now. It took us at least a year to transition each of our kids gently to their own room. Just introducing a toddler mattress/bed in your room can be a big step.

Can't wait to hear how your midwife appointment goes!