Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Remember?

Today, Claire and I were reading one of her Care Bear books. I was asking her about the colors in the rainbow, and she said, "I saw rainbow outside!!! You remember?!?" I thought that was so cute because she actually remembered! We haven't read that book for awhile so it's neat she's starting to make associations like that.

She also loves to play hide and seek. She'll hide under a blanket or rip off a couch cushion to hide under, and yell, "Wanna come find me?"

She loves FRUIT SNACKS! We went to her "Uncle Alex's" birthday party Friday night where she danced around to us playing Guitar Hero...or was it Rock Band...I don't even know....She kept yelling "MORE Fruit nacks, A-yex!"

She LOVES to be read to. She used to say, "Read on me" but she is finally starting to say "Read TO me." She loves it when we play with her, of course. She will ask "Wanna play w/ me again?" the second I stand up.

Josh just got home from work and she asked him, "You have fun at work?" LOL!

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