Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tetter Totters and other Tidbits

I can't remember seeing any Tetter Totters at any parks lately. I bring this up as Claire has a book that has a poem about riding a Tetter Totter. She insists on calling it a Tater Tot. :) Ahh yes, tater tot casserole she does love!

I just uploaded like 42 billion videos to Facebook. Believe it or not, usually when I upload stuff, I am folding laundry. See my desk is in Claire's room which is where I fold laundry. So usually if I've posted a kabillion things, I am completely caught up! Like right now! That will last for about 42 seconds. Sigh.

I have been busy! Yesterday, I dumped out the ashes from the grill and stored it in the garage! We so need a gas grill. I can't believe it's already November! Seriously...where does the time go.

Claire never ceases to amaze me. I asked her just more out of talking out loud than anything where my wallet was this morning. She goes, "In car mom." And it totally was. I can't even believe that she was right. I'd done this before. I am usually looking for my phone. I am PRETTY GOOD about hanging my keys up right when I get inside so I don't have to hunt for those. I asked Claire where my phone was in this same way...not really expecting her to even be listening, just asking outloud, where is my phone...and she goes, "In bag, Mom." Sure enough, I looked in my bag, and there it was...I had stuck it in a different pocket than usual. ACK!

In early June, I was looking for the sunscreen and asked her where it was. She yells "TABLE!" and by God...it was on the table...I didn't even know she knew what sunscreen was at that point. So go watch my videos and enjoy. :) Leave a comment or two so I know people actually watch them, or I'll stop posting them. HA!

I bet I'd hear about that. So hopefully you got your video fill for awhile. I'm trying to stay caught up on laundry...really I am. It just never lasts. I've been trying to do a load every day or at least every other day and treat the clothes like dishes...I mean...I was thinking about this...I often wait until there is "nothing" to wear to wash clothes...but I would never do that with dishes...so why do I do that with clothes. Man, I was really bad at some points...her entire crib would be filled with clean laundry. And I would pick out clean clothes for Claire and I from the crib pile. I was always thinking...ahh...I'll fold it tomorrow...well then the next day came and I said the same thing. I'd run dirty stuff through, but then just dump it in the crib.

I wouldn't fold it or put it away. So finally around the time I went to Holly's in July, I caught up and vowed NEVER EVER to get so far behind again. And I try to do laundry more often...really...it might last for awhile...but man, when that new baby comes...who knows what will happen! Ahh! Getting close to half-way there!

As a matter-of-fact, next week I schedule my 20 week ultrasound at my next check-up. In other news, if you're not a status-update-reader (if there is such a word), I did get my H1N1 shot yesterday since I'm preggo and have a "weakened immune system" and feel completely fine. I've learned that if you relax your arm beyond relaxed when you get a shot, then it totally doesn't hurt afterwards.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get one for Claire soon. I'm sure she'd weather things just fine if she were to get the piggy flu, but really, I personally don't want to deal with a sick child if I can prevent it! I'm just lazy like that!

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