Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flying to San Franciso

We headed out to San Franciso last Thursday morning for a visit to Josh's brother, Aaron, who lives out there. Here is Claire in the Indy Airport, waiting to board. She brought this baby along for the trip. She has named it "Toby." She was inspired by the movie Labrynith. She is playing with a little tube of Chapstick here. These pants have pockets on the legs, which she loves to put stuff in. Her shirt said "Cute as a Bug." It reinforced my not liking Tees with words because probably at least 12 people commented on it before we even got on the plane. "Oh she is as cute as a bug." Really. I don't think bugs are cute. There is a picture of a little lady bug on this shirt after the word BUG, but Toby is covering it up.
Anyways, we had a good flight out to the Bay Area. We changed plans at Midway, and Claire did great on both legs of the flight there. We got there late and the time changed sucked. She did fall asleep watching Tinkerbell on the way out there, so that was awesome. She had her own seat on the plane since she's 2...she has to!

We did bring our own carseat and stroller as well. We did not bring the carseat into the plane cabin though. I don't think it's FAA compliant...and I'm too lazy to look it up. I do like Southwest though, as they bag the carseats in large bags. When we went to VA Beach in July, they did not bag it on that airline...they don't do the bags. Plus I was looking forward to having a little extra elbow room and not having a big old car seat jabbing into my side. It was great. We put Claire in the middle and Josh and I stole her legroom, since her legs barely go past the end of the seat!

More on our trip to come!

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