Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So I recently turned 30. So unexciting. Josh turned 30 the next day. Also unexciting. But what was slightly exciting to a dork like me was that I was 30 weeks pregnant the day I turned 30 and Claire was 30 months old. WOW! Now what is the chance of that???!!!

I haven't blogged in some time. I promise I haven't been slacking on purpose. In fact, I am preparing you for me to go missing when the new baby arrives. LOL! Nah, I just have been busy. Josh's mom was here for a whole week. We managed to go out not once, but twice in her time here. We didn't do anything super fancy, but eating out at a sit-down place without a 2 year-old is a feat in itself. We went to Steak-and-Shake one night and I can't even remember where we went the other time, but it was someplace local and equally unexciting. I just was thrilled to order a milkshake for my drink. I didn't have to share it. And I didn't have to worry about Claire wanting to just eat a milkshake and no food. :)

Having back-t0-back birthdays kinds of sucks. LOL! That's why we got married in the summer so at least our anniversary is by itself. So we have both our birthdays and Valentine's Day all in a row. PLUS, Josh asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day, so that's sort of another "holiday" that is piled in there. We usually get one another an ice cream cake. Like one year I'll get Josh one, and the next year he'll get me one. Ritter's and DQ are favorites. I got him one from Culver's this year and, well, it kind of sucks, which surprised me. It'll probably be sitting in our freezer for awhile. :) If you come over, ask to try some!

Then, this past Friday morning I went with Claire to look at a Preschool. I'm totally for her going to preschool. I remember LOVING preschool and school and of course all my teachers all the way through. I'm just torn if I should start her NOW this fall or wait one more year. She will be a young 3, just turning 3 at the end of July. But I think that she'll be more than ready. I have to remind myself that's several months away, too!

Then after looking at the Preschool, we zipped up to Valpo for no reason at all, really. Well, I want her to continue seeing my parents a lot so if she is with my mom for a few days when the new baby is born, she'll be fine, but I think she would be anyways.

Well, anyways, it's back to our regular routine. I'm trying to limit our days out of the house to 3 per week. That leaves me 2 week days to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and nesting. Ack. It's hard because I'd like to take Claire somewhere everyday or have others here to play daily, but there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Perhaps for the first time ever, I'm back after 2 nights away and have actually unpacked everything and done the laundry...now it's just time to fold!

On my to-do list: WRITE A TO-DO before the new baby is born list!

In other exciting news Claire has started a "Tumbling Tots Gymnastics" class with a few little friends. Class size is limited to 8 with 3 teachers. Good ratio! It will run through the end of March, so my goal is to not have the baby any earlier than April 1st. :) I feel REALLY REALLY REALLY HUGE!

I think I said that before. I never ever felt this big with Claire. I feel like I did the day she was born. I like can't even sit how I'd like to. I have to sit forward or I can't breathe. :) Is this normal for 2nd pregnancies? Good lord.

Some funny things Claire has said lately:

I spilled milk/cereal down my shirt the other day. Claire scowled at me and goes, "What you getting on my baby brother?!?"

Eating lunch with my brother Rich in Valpo and talking about the advantages/disadvantages of preschool. During a lull, with perfect timing in the conversation, Claire chimes in with "BABY POWER!" It was hilarious.

We were shopping with my mom on Sunday, and my mom was asking me about some item. Claire scowled at her and stated, "Oma, you no need that. Put that back." That was hilarious because she's never said that to anyone before. But apparently she's heard me say that before! :)

Today, I watched 2 other little almost 2 year old girls. Claire was trying to "talk" to them, but they weren't responding to her liking. So she said, "Mommy, Catrece can't talk. I'll teach her to talk." I thought this was really cute. And Catrece can say more than plenty for her age, by the way!

Other Claire news... She was incredibly cranky yesterday. I was like, hmm, I wonder if she's getting her top two 2-year-old-molars. Sure enough...they are both peeking through her gums! Yay! I'm glad that all her teeth will be through before April!!!

She has been sleeping great lately...it only took her like, um, 30 months to sleep through the night. And I don't mean like the 4 hours stretch, I mean like, go to sleep at night and not wake up till morning. ;) I think God is giving me a little sleep-vacation before baby boy arrives. Well, I do have to get up and pee, like, um hourly, but at least I can go right back to sleep without soothing anyone. I've heard that is common though for kids who don't sleep through the night (despite extended nursing or not) to not sleep through the night until about 2 1/2 or until all their teeth have been cut. So does that mean...PERMANENT TEETH TOO??? That would explain 6 and 7 year olds still wanting to crawl into bed with parents!

And what's the big deal about turning 30 anyways? I hope to God that I'm getting older. I wouldn't want to be 21 with 2 kids. ;)

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