Friday, February 26, 2010

Frosty February

We had freezing fog recently one morning. This left the trees and everything coated with an absolutely beautiful white layer of frozen fog snow. This is my favorite tree. I planted it as the size of a stick!
Side yard with Weeping Willow:

Even the wreath on the door had gotten frozen fog on it!

I took these pictures the morning of February 12th.

Claire enjoying make snow castles and eating snow (click to make these full size):
If you've spend time in the Midwest, you know that sand toys are snow toys in the winter time!

She is also crazy about making snow angels every time we go out!

I promise she was facing the camera when I snapped this...

This is my new header photo if you haven't noticed:

Her snow angels look pretty good with the arms:

The snow froze really hard so it was easy for us to walk on without sinking in!
Aren't these trees great? Sadly, the white frosting on all the trees melted off by about 11 in the morning. We had gone out right after breakfast!

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