Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Egg Tree Fun

Claire has moved up a coat size. This a 3T. I'm hoping it still fits next fall since it's really cute. It's a really pricey London Fog one I got on clearance for less than 15. It fits my "coat selection rules" meaning, coats I buy have to have hoods and pockets. I hate coats that don't have hoods and pockets.
We had a huge pile of snow that Claire was able to enjoy and play in during 40 and 50 degree weather. This was really nice because she didn't freeze! I did not put her snow pants on her, and she sat down in the snow. She quickly realized that she would get a wet butt. Ha. She was pretty distraught because she goes, "Why I WET? I NO PEE!" Poor potty-trained girlie was all confused as to why her butt was feeling damp.

She had so much fun making castles out of snow ... and then stomping them.

This is the easiest and perhaps cheapest craft ever. I used about 3 bags of Easter eggs from the dollar store...cost $3. All you have to do is tie some string in a circle, like a bracelet and then close the egg on top of the string. I hot-glued them around where they close, so maybe I'll get a 2nd season out of them, but they tend to hold up pretty well considering how cheap they are.
And PS...this coat is the only one that fits me now. I tried on my other light weight jacket today and totally just put it back. It doesn't even close at all. That's ok, in about a month from now, I plan on losing at least 15 lbs overnight. ;) LOL...when I had Claire that's how much I lost from just her being born, fluids, placenta, etc, overnight. ;)
And nope, we don't have a name. And nope, we're probably not going to decide until the birth.

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