Monday, March 22, 2010

Post-Partum Supply List

Post-Partum Supply List:

My list assumes birthing vaginally and exclusively ecologically nursing (no artificial bottle nipples or pacis) planned:

Stocked freezer with meals

Stocked household with groceries and household supplies and newborn essentials (clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, burp rags, etc. These are more obvious.)

Umbilical stump stuff (cotton balls, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol by your changing station) Some opt not to clean them, but I've seen an infected one on a friends' baby, and therefore will be using alcohol again!

Nursing pads

Nipple Cream

Nursing Bras (Ha...I don't think I have any regular ones anymore!)

Numbers of a LLL leader and/or friend/relative who have nursed

Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath Soak

Bleach (to clean sitz bath between uses)

Hydrogen peroxide (to get blood out of clothing, etc)

Witch Hazel and Tucks Pads for cleansing down there

Maximum flow/overnight maxi pads for the first week postpartum, then lighter flow pads and pantiliners for after that. Remember, no tampons, as the placenta wound is an internal "open" wound!

Ibuprofen for reducing swelling

Ice, ice, ice for making packs for any sore areas!

Ziploc bags to make icepacks. Then wrap in a clean kitchen towel.

Prep.-H or Tucks or similar cream. I don't know of anyone who doesn't get "roids" from pushing out a baby. Anyone who says they didn't...LIARS!)

Peri Bottle

Numbing Spray

Stool softener caplets, milk of mag, or something more natural like prunes, prune juice, dried apricots, raisin bran, bran muffins, etc.

Underpads or chuck pads

Bag of DEPENDS or similar adult diaper...yes, hopefully not needed for incontinence but easier to have on hand...also great instead of dealing with pads and leaks. Even with a C-section, one can have problems with incontinence for a few days after delivery. See here.

Waterproof mattress pad...put this on your bed at about 36 weeks if you don't already have one in case your water breaks in bed! (like mine did with Claire!) Also, you really need two for each bed if you have kids ;) Saves mattresses!

A sling for babywearing

A bed rail for safe bedsharing

What am I forgetting???


Amy said...

Nothing. I mean, you're not Laura Ingalls. The Wal-Marts are still going to be there, and if you need anything you can send someone for it.

I do think it's a nice idea for the baby to bring Claire a present. Might as well start things off on the right foot. I would go with either 1) a little baby doll for her to "mother" while you're caring for the new baby or 2) something really super fun that she can do all by herself while you're busy with the baby - think something by Leapfrog. Does she have a Tag pen? That could work. My kids LOVE theirs! They're great for road trips.

Have you got a name yet?

If you're still nesting, make my mom's muffins and some oatmeal cookies (oatmeal is good for the ol' milk supply).

Won't be long now!!

Kelly said...

They gave me some gel circle thingies to put on my nips after nursing when my nips got really (REALLY!) sore when Katelyn was figuring out how to nurse and they were heavenly. :)

sound like you are totally prepared! How about some easy snacks to have on hand for you and claire. string cheese, crackers, granola bars, etc.

also, just gotta say, no hemeroids here, and i'm, not lying! :)

Anonymous said...

After-Ease for those after pains (they're worse with each child - seriously!) Flashlight to keep in bed to ensure perfect middle of the night latches. Olive oil or apricot oil for baby's bum during meconium period.