Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

I was awoken this morning by a wet warm puddle against my leg...hazard of bedsharing, but hey...gotta wash those sheets, etc once in a while anyways. Claire has been doing great sleeping in a pull-up and waking up dry...night after night. She slept 2 nights fine in panties, but for some reason, let loose this morning. I know I can't go 12 hours without going though, so who can blame her! Well that wasn't so so bad, but a king size water proof mattress pad is an entire laundry load without any other item getting washed. So we did laundry right away...well first we took a bath. A wipe down wouldn't suffice from a laying-down accident ;)

Then we went to a carseat clinic. Baby boy is now allowed to come. His infant pumpkin seat is all strapped in and ready to ROCK AND ROLL! They check the seats when you come in to see how they are installed. It's a 1 on 1 appointment. They ran it out of the local hospital and they check the seats for expiration dates (seats are only good like 5-6 years before they expire due to the plastic breaking down). They also check for any recalls. Overall, it was good, and I learned a few things! Like Claire's straps need to be freaking tight tight!! You shouldn't be able to pinch any of the fabric webbing away from her. Oh, and I got in trouble for her piddle pad. ;) You're not supposed to have any thing in/on/around the carseat that didn't actually come with it as it's not "Crash-tested" with it. Oh well. I'm still using it for long car trips in the next few months. Wait...I'm not taking anymore for a few! That'll work out well!

So then we left. Well, that's when poor Claire had a breakdown. I don't mean a melt-down because it wasn't a fit. She was heartbroken to the core. She was excited to go to the hospital and carseat place. But then she was confused as I guess I had miscommunicated. She thought we were going the hospital to get baby brother. :( She is gonna be such a great big sister. And I really honestly don't think she can WAIT to meet him. In the winter I told her we had to wait for the snow to melt, Easter to come, and flowers to start blooming...ack. Now the crocuses ARE up and the snow IS gone...and how do you explain time to a 32 month old? She goes, "I want baby brother today! I miss him! I love him! I wanna see him! Go back! Have nurse doctor help get him out!!!" apparently she has been paying attention to what I've been saying. But she cried the whole way home. It was a different kind of cry. It wasn't a "naughty" I want something type of cry, but a truly "heartbroken" cry like when she's been upset being left in the church her soul-hurts cry. I tried to explain that we were just getting the carseats done at the hospital and baby brother wasn't done growing in my tummy quite yet. Then she goes, "Tomorrow?" Sigh...that girl is hopeful!

Well then I was talking to my mother-in-law on the phone this afternoon. The call was dropped when my phone died due to the battery going dead from...overuse and me not charging it last night. So she called and left 3 voicemails and called like 8 more times. Except my phone was totally dead and won't even power on when plugged in after dying like that for about 20 minutes. I didn't think anything of it. I just figured I'd call her later on to call her back. Whoops. Well Claire and I decided to make brownies. Ha...I did since they sounded good, and I've never made brownies with her before.

So as we were dumping eggs and stuff in, I hear someone beat on the door. Claire grabs me because it's quite loud. I round the corner and see through the front window, a cop with his forehead pressed to the glass ... and his other hand on his gun.

That freaked me out.

I had no idea why he was there. My thought was that there was a prowler or someone in the neighborhood, and he was coming to look for him.

Well, I checked for a cop car, and hesitantly opened the door after seeing one. Ha...turns out my MIL had called the cops when I didn't answer my phone to have them check on me. FREAK OUT! I just told him my battery had died. That was kind of awkward. Um, nope, we don't have a I couldn't call her back. And even if we DID have a landline, I wouldn't have long-distance to call her back, but I guess she would have been able to call me back. Oh well. I'm not getting a landline or texting. I don't want to be that available. I'm available enough.

Ok, so that wasn't so bad after that all got straightened out.

But then Claire was running in the kitchen, fell and knocked her head on the wooden cabinet. She has a huge bump on her forehead :( My poor little Clairesey.

I think I'm going to bed now...

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aribaby said...

I got paranoid I'd have a kid emergency and wouldn't be able to find the phone, so we added a 3rd cell phone to our family plan. It's always plugged in to the wall in the same place in case we have an emergency or a baby-sitter who doesn't have a phone. It's only $10/month and even though we never use it except to look for our lost cell phones, we think it's worth it just in case.