Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well today is my first EDD (estimated due date) according to the dating ultrasound that they did back in August. Apparently, they didn't believe me that I knew my ovulation date and did an ultrasound anyways. According to my LMP (last menstral period) I am not due until this Friday, the 16th, which is what I've been telling everyone.

Anyways, he will be here soon! Today was absolutely gorgeous outside! Yesterday wasn't bad, but it was cooler. Today was about 73 and perfect! We went and got a new patio umbrella yesterday for our table since the other one blew off and broke. We also took Claire to the park and went to get ice cream together. That was fun! Kids are so easy to please at this age.

Then for dinner, I said we needed to go get some spicy Mexican food to get my labor going. Cilantro is supposed to help too, so I had a lot of salsa with that in it. Apparently, my labor didn't get the message, although on Tuesday I was at 1 and 30% so at least that's some progress. Tonight I'm planning on starting some Evening Primrose Oil. It may not do anything, but otherwise it's just harmless.

I've posted another new video on Facebook and a bunch of photos today.

At church, the pastor is doing a sermon series on "Fear" -- the challenge was to write down three things that you fear. So I challenge you to do the same. It's hard to decide what the "biggest" three are. So in no particular order I would say my three fears are (1) Fear of the Unknown (2) Fear of Death, and (3) Fear of forced Separation from my children. I don't know what else...even those are kind of vague. But the fear of death is basically the same as the unknown. Like, I'm afraid of HOW or WHO will die in my friends/family next. Or I'm afraid of dying myself now because that would mean my kids wouldn't really "know" me...which leads me into the separation from them. But this could also be some other wacky situation. Like did you hear about the parents who got their kids taken away for naked bath pictures. And the kids were young too, under 4. I mean who would think that your kids would get taken away for some bath pictures! Ridiculous. that's pretty much it...what are your fears?

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Anonymous said...

Thinking labor thoughts for you Maria!

Three fears: Losing my children, my children loosing me, and um, never finding my sanity again after raising my children.