Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter Sunday was great! Monday wasn't. I was sick! I haven't ever really been sick sick like that before...knock on wood! I thought maybe I overdid it on Sunday, but I didn't really DO anything major at all! Then I thought I was going into early labor. But it turns out, it was really just a 24 hour stomach bug...which I've apparently never had one before, because this was awful. Really the only times in my adult life where I've thrown up were when I've tried to take Vicodin after a car accident. Painkillers do not sit well in my stomach.

Anyways, thankfully, I woke up Tuesday feeling 100% better. Thank God. I seriously thought I was going to die. I actually had Josh come home from work so I could sleep all day and rest. I've never had him come home from work. Ever. You can parent when you're tired, even when you have a cold...but not so well when you have a stomach bug affecting you at both ends. Ugh.

Anyways, I've managed to completely catch up on laundry at the moment INCLUDING having the machines and hampers empty. That's like a first. EVER. Usually there is at least something dirty. Now my goal is to do a load every day and keep up on things so it won't be this massive pile up with a new baby. Ha. Fat chance with that. ;)

My latest struggle with Claire is her increasing potty independence. She wants to go into the "onesie bathrooms" know where it's just one potty with a solid door. Well, I'm afraid she would lock herself in and not be able to get out. Since she couldn't crawl under the door, then we'd have to call the fire department or something. Ah! So like today when we went to story time, I turn and face the door so she can have privacy. Seriously? Where did she pick this term up? She goes, "GO AWAY! I want my own privacy." Yet she's content to streak around the house naked before and after baths...even if there are other people around. It must be something about the actual act of going potty?

The other major accomplishment this afternoon was putting away all my Easter decor...mostly baskets with cute eggs. And Josh has stashed the bin in the back of the closet. YAY! So now the baby is allowed to come. :) We did an Easter egg hunt with Claire on Sunday and put only 1 MnM or jelly bean in each egg. I thought she might want to eat them all at once, but she actually doesn't like most of the flavors of jelly beans. :( Little picky girl! I also took her to an egg hunt Friday but she didn't like most of the candy from that...she won't eat anything with nuts in even though she likes trail mix? Crazy. She doesn't like chocolate with carmel even though she likes the carmel apple dip you can buy next to the apples. Crazy. Something about things being mixed. I'm hoping with time, her horizons will broaden, but I'm definitely not trying to make her eat crap or candy. In other exciting food news...have I shared that she will now eat french fries and ketchup! Probably a good month now. She started just licking the ketchup off the fry. Then one day she took a bite. She spit it out, but it was progress! Now she might eat 4 or 5. America will be proud. :) I recently posted a list of foods she'll eat. It seems like a lot, but that's like ALL she will eat.

So I entitled this lotion drama because she woke up early this morning crying for lotion. Well...apparently Daddy forgot to put lotion on her last night. Our bedtime routine was messed up last night because I gave her a bath in the tub downstairs. I planted several flowers from the Easter Service at church and the baby blessingway (which I totally need to post about too...ack!) so she was dirty from Moon Sand.

She asked to play with Moon Sand outside. I figured it would be fine since we were outside. Last time I got out her little wooden table and set in the grass for her. Anything that fell went in the grass. Well apparently I was lazy. I just got the pan with the Sand in it and set it on the patio. She decided to rub it all over her legs. Yup. Apparently it's the new way to exfoliate or something. I was busy planting some flowers/weeding and not looking closely at what she was doing. It was from her toes to her hips. Not even kidding. I stripped her down to her panties outside and brushed her off, but that stuff is colored so her skin was pink!

So I had to spray her off with the shower before a bath. You know your kid needs a bath when they require a pre-wash. So anyways, I sent her to Daddy to get jammies on while I started some sandy laundry including putting her flip-flops in the wash...which they came out amazingly well!

Claire woke up at 6 this morning crying "Lotion! My skin dry!" Seriously? Does she really feel dry or does she just remember that part of a routine was missed? Anyways, she went down for a nap today. Ha...she goes, "I no need a nap. I not tired." But I told her no nummies unless we laid down. So guess what? We laid down for nummies and she fell asleep. So she had a good hour rest while I cleaned out my desk. I tried to throw away 3 things from each drawer, and I found far more. Seriously, why do I save some stuff? I like wonder why I ever thought I should hang on to some things. Because if it makes it upstairs to my desk, that means it has sat on my kitchen counter for at least a day or so before traveling upstairs!

So now I'm just going to go crazy nesting and cleaning out drawers and stuff until this baby gets here. :) I also had an OB appointment yesterday. Everything was good. Baby is measuring big 43 weeks. :) Grow baby grow!


Anonymous said...

Izzy is the same way about needing her privacy while pooping. I let her close the door at home, but out in public, I hold the door closed or turn around.

Oh, how I miss that nesting instinct in pregnancy to clean and organize! I think that's why I have four kids.

Kristel said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better!! And that nobody else in the family seems to have caught it! said...

My little man is the same way when it comes to the potty.

Congrats on the soon to be born baby too:)

I am a new follower now:)

Oh and I wanted to tell ya that I am doing a babies r us gift card contest at my mommy site.