Monday, May 10, 2010

3 weeks old today!

I can't believe that Alex turned 3 weeks old today! And to mark the special day, his umbilical cord FINALLY fell off. Well, last night, about 60% of it fell off and this morning the rest came right off when I wiped it with the cotton-soaked alcohol. Claire was very excited as she's been watching me change him and helping do his cord care.

So tonight I gave him a "real" bath in his infant tub next to Claire. This didn't work so well. In her attempts to "help" she kept getting water in his face. She wanted to wash his hair, but I'm afraid she'll be too "hard" on his soft spots. Then she kept trying to grab my hand that was supporting his head so she could hold him. I mean, he's her baby after all, why do I keep telling her what to do?! So then she got bored of it, well, that and the fact that his tub took up 75% of the regular tub, leaving her no room to play. So she just got out, ran down the hallway completely dripping wet and laughing hysterically, "I'm NAKED! I'm NAKED!"

Overall, it has been an adjustment. I would say the two biggest things people are asking ... so I'll just lay it out for you:

1. Are you having another one?

God no. NEVER AGAIN. ;) Ahaha. Ask me in 2 years...maybe? Maybe once I've had some solid nights sleep and Alex is also fully potty maybe more like 3 years from now!

2. Is Claire jealous?

Heck if I know. ASK HER! First, you'll have to explain what jealous is. Really...I think people want to know if she's regressing...well she's been waking up more at night but she's never been a great sleeper and seriously has only slept through the night like 10 times in her 33 months of life. Yes. Alex is already sleeping better. Thank you Lord. She also wants to nurse more, but I think this is more of a monkey see, monkey do thing. Like she never asks, but if she sees him, she wants some. I've been trying to get her snacks/drinks first, but seriously...she wants some yummy mummy milk and no stupid cup of apple juice and some pretzels will change that. If anyone asks around Claire about her, I always say positive things because she totally picks up and understands everything...which means I'm not talking about her in depth in front of her or saying anything bad, like she's being a pain in the ass waking up every 45 minutes for the past 3 weeks. :) Oh joy.

3. Are you getting any sleep?

Fuck you. Sorry if that language offends you...but seriously...who the hell asks that to someone with a newborn...and a toddler. Actually, see above at that last statement. Actually, last night was the best night yet, and I think Claire only woke up at about 1, 4, and 6, then got up at 7:15. I've tried naps and no doesn't matter. She does sleep about 12 hours overall....7 to 7 and always goes to sleep right away. She just does not fall back asleep on her own, and no I'm not complaining or looking for advice. I'm merely telling you how it is since everyone has been asking. And I'm not looking to let her cry-it-out or wean her. I think thing will go back to normal soon enough.

4. How is it nursing 2?

I've only tried actually nursing them at the same time a couple's too hard since Alex next complete head holding still at this point, and Claire just wants to shove him on the floor in general to get on my lap...but I think it's helped immensely. She knows she will get her turn to nurse, she just might have to wait. It does put her back to sleep instantly which is much easier than trying to rub her back or do something that requires me moving...I've also read that many times kids will wean at about 36 months. I'm thinking that may well happen since she was nursing just before sleep basically before Alex was born. Now it's just fun and new again since there is all this milk once more.

5. What do you need?

How do you answer this? I think this is probably the hardest one for me because I don't know what to tell people.

6. Are you still bleeding?

What the crap? Yeah, apparently this is a need-to-know thing, but everyone that has asked me this has had not really...just down to a pantyliner. TMI? I would think so, but whatever! You know I hold nothing back.

7. Are things back to normal?

What the crap is NORMAL? Having kids will make your life abnormal forever. And kiss sleeping in goodbye...forever?

So anyways, when I was three weeks post-partum with Claire, my Grandma Irma died. That majorly sucked. Things are going much better this time around. Nobody's died. Hopefully I didn't just screw that up...

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