Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enjoying the Chaos :)

Welcome to chaos! This is the kids' room/my office/playroom. Notice, Alex is napping in the crib where there is a hamper of clean clothes. Otherwise, Claire would take everything out and then I wouldn't know what's clean/dirty.
Ok, so here is the changing table. Notice Claire has put her footstool here so she can change her baby dolls here. She also likes to watch Alex get changed.

Now...check out how organized I And I do mean was. The day before Alex was born, I had Claire help me tape these labels on the drawers. She still has some work to do with putting dirty clothes in the hamper and not back in the drawers. When I put laundry away, I have to check the drawers for dirty/unfolded stuff. She changes clothes like 6 times a day. A battle that I do not wish to fight...

This is Alex's dresser. He got a Onesies label and that's it. will stay like that for awhile. Just like my desk is going to be sitting in here. I seriously need someone to come over and help me rearrange...we have space...we have 4 bedrooms/3 baths/3,200sq. ft. but I am clueless how to use it and organize stuff. We never use our dining room table. I actually have a makeshift changing table set up on it for downstairs right now. Any professional decorators want to come over and give me some pointers before my desk sits in here another 5 years? I suck at decorating stuff. We don't want to give up our guest room yet, but I think it will be headed that way...eventually...once someone starts sleeping alone anyways... also notice that the Barbie bin, nicely labeled with stickers so she knows what goes in totally empty.

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Kristel said...

It doesn't look too bad, just like a little one had a great time one afternoon! If it makes you feel any better, our spare bedroom still looks worse than that a month after we've moved in!