Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let's go on a Walk!

Sometimes I forget that Claire is still two and will be for about 2 more months. But then she does something like this, and I remember she's still little!

See! She looks so big and is so incredibly verbal. Today she started saying "otherwise" and used it right 3 do they do this stuff?

She is wearing size 10 flip-flops. This dress is a size 6 and doesn't even look overly long. She has had a growth spurt recently. Hopefully she'll slow down again and get to actually wear out some clothes for a change! Er...ever. She's never been in anything long enough to just wear it out!

And here's Alex in a "Pink Floyd" top. Seriously...who makes this stuff for babies? It's a newborn size and was very hard to get on him and even harder to get off. This was about a week ago when it was cooler, but he was measuring 23 inches at his 2 week check. He's now pushing the limits on most 3-6's his length! But he is also plumping up nicely and is a great nurser!

These pants are 3-6 month size.

And here's a close-up of his shirt!

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