Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garage Sales are BACK!

I LOVE garage sales. I love going on walks first thing Friday and Saturday mornings around our neighborhood and making out like a bandit!

This weekend I scored big! Here are some of the things I got:

A box of dishes including 8 plastic dinosaur cups, a snack trap, 2 yellow Nuby cups, 3 REAL Tupperware cups, a dora bowl, a red plastic bowl, 4 random plastic cups, a DORA bowl, a Teletubby divided plate with matching cup and bowl...all for $1 for the whole box!

A Sponge Bob 24 piece puzzle for 25 cents
Hi-Ho Cherry-O game for 50 cents
Ker-Plunk game for 50 cents
Candy Land for 50 cents
Memory Game for 50 cents
A toddler bed tent for $2
a brand new toothfairy book with a little bag for the teeth for 50 cents
a black/red toddler helmet with matching knee pads for $1 each

Oh, and I wanted some cereal bowls since I broke another one...oops. There was a set for $10 but she wouldn't just give me the bowls. SOOO now I have 4 more dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, coffee mugs and the 4 nice cereal bowls that are deep. They are really cute with a red/white/blue 4th of July theme. But I don't need anymore I think I'll give away Christmas cookies (because everyone wants cookies on 4th of July plates for Christmas) on them and keep the plates...hmm...that just made me think to look for cake pans to give people casseroles in and then they can just keep the pan. It'd be about the same cost as a disposable pan.

So I had fun and Claire also got some other random little toys and a strawberry shortcake throw pillow and some other junk. I only had $20 bucks with me and I came home with .50 to spare!! I could've gotten one more game! And I'm so impressed with these games because they are in great shape. I'm excited to teach Claire how to play them! Meanwhile, Alex will start chewing on the pieces!

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