Thursday, June 24, 2010

Preschool Day 2

Claire didn't want to go to preschool this morning so I just told her we were going bye-bye (haha!!!) and then when we pulled into the parking lot I acted all excited that they would get to play outside today and prayed to God that they would actually do! And they did so my "plan" worked out! But she got out of the car and didn't look back again today! They come to the car and get them out as well as bring them back out. NIIIIIIIICE! :) No having to go in and out with Alexander!

So I asked her what they did today. She said they read a book about the littlest duck, but it wasn't the same duck book as last time. Then they went outside to play! They have a big slide and a tunnel and lots of steps. A boy held the gate open for them that was "very nice" of him! She said they played outside and she got all hot and sweaty! Then she said that she gets sweaty when she goes swimming. I said, no, you get wet. Sweaty is like being wet. LOL! That was really cute. Then she said they sang some songs but she couldn't tell me what. Then later she was singing "Happy and You know it" and I asked if she sang that. She goes, "YES!!!!! And Patty-Cake!!!!" Then she was singing "SSC--SUPER SUMMER CAMP" and doing some hand motions so that's cool she's picked up a new song only from 2 days.

She said she went potty and nobody helped her and she didn't go potty last time because she didn't have to go. Then she washed her hands and they had step stools in the bathroom! Then they had a snack and she sat by the same boy who stepped on her foot last time, but he didn't step on her foot today! They had pretzels and apple juice from an open cup! (I'm using lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!! because she talks loud when excited!) They they had a puppet show. They went back outside and planted sunflower seeds in glass jars that they decorated with stickers. They also made butterflies out of tissue paper with a popsicle stick body and pipe cleaner feelers. She also colored a picture of an octopus.

I'm not sure about the order of this because time is still something she is learning but when Miss TT buckeled her in the car it looked like she had been crying (red) and she said she didn't cry as much as last time. The teacher said it would get less each time and she's doing good. I'd really like to talk to the teacher for more than 30 seconds when she straps Claire in, but I pump Claire for more info throughout the day. I asked if she learned a new friend name, and she said MADISON! So that's cool that she knows both her teachers and 1 classmates name already.

And I'm glad she's having fun while I have time to run errands with just sleepy Alexander. I'm really going to like the fall when she has it 3 days/week. :) I'm sure I won't give you such detailed updates in the future, but her excitement rubbed off on me.


Joshua Starr said...

Thanks for writing this awesome blogpost! It's always nice to read about how both of your days are, when I'm away at the office :)

Claire is growing up too fast :(



Turtlespinning said...

The whole reason the get the kids from the cars and bring them to the cars is so they don't have five minutes to half hour conversations with all the parents. haha They are smart on that aspect!