Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Preschool Girl!

Claire made this "princess crown" at Preschool. She wanted to wear it to Tumbling...which was fine, but didn't work so well with the forward rolls! You can see Alexander in the background wearing a much too small 3-6 month outfit. ;)
This outfit fits a little better! He is having a "picnic" with Claire. You can see the teapot next to him.

He loves to smile and laugh! He is such a happy and laid back boy. I love this outfit because it says "BABY BUDDIES" and I call him my baby buddy!

You can see the ultra-healthy picnic feast of ice cream and Melissa and Doug cookies! Alex says yummy!

Her shirt says "What happens in Preschool stays in Preschool!" which she wore on her first day of summer camp.

Claire had her first day of "Super Summer Camp" yesterday! It's a lot of fun play stuff! She didn't even look back when I dropped her off so I made a quick exit! :) When I picked her up the teacher said that she decided to cry about halfway through. I asked her why and she said that a boy stepped on her foot! :( So I'm glad that she didn't miss me! She goes 2 days/week on Tues/Thurs through the end of July. It will be a great warm-up for her and she will go 3 days/week in the fall. I hope she has the same teachers. I'll have to ask.
I asked her what they did. She said that they read a book about ducks, made something with toothpicks and marshmallows, and had a snack. For snack she had one Oreo cookie and one brown cookie. (PS: I WILL BE THE MOM THAT BRINGS SOME CARROTS WHEN IT'S OUR SNACK DAY! SHE LOVES CARROTS!) And they had orange juice that wasn't that means? Pineapple? Then she said they played basketball and Ring-around-the-Rosies in the big gym since it rained yesterday. They colored pictures and made Princess Crowns. They went potty and sang some songs but she couldn't remember what they were. I'm not sure if they did something else or what order that was in but she wanted to go again today, so that was a good sign!

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Kelly said...

At least Claire told you what she did! When I asked Nathan what he did at camp he said nothing for every single day! :) Enjoy your time with only one kiddo while she's a school!