Friday, November 19, 2010

Other Recent Happenings

Confession:  I'm not going to apologize if I don't update as often as I like.  Reality is, REAL LIFE takes precedence over blogging, any day!  During the summer, I would walk almost every day with Claire while Alexander slept in the stroller.  We would sometimes walk with various neighbors or throw rocks in the neighborhood pond.  I REALLY miss walking, but today we went to the museum and walked a lot there.  If I refer to the "museum" it will be The Indianapolis Children's Museum, which is the WORLD'S LARGEST!  I seriously wished we lived RIGHT smack downtown and the kids could go to preschool there.  SUCH A COOL PLACE!  Also, we didn't take any elevators and I parked far away so we'd get more walking in getting inside.  I'd like to go the museum weekly, but we make it about twice a month, although I'll probably start going weekly in the winter because we can't go play outside!

We finally got Alexander's room done!  This was a royal mess.  We have had a guest room downstairs with 2 twin beds.  We first had to empty out the entire guest room and closet in there and get it completely empty.  THEN Josh had to move his giant desk and computers all downstairs.  Then I put the changing table dresser and matching upright dresser into where Josh's old office used to be.  I found a super cute fireman book shelf and tonka truck bench at Once Upon A Child (separate times) so he has some boyish stuff going on in there.

Then I pulled all the board books from Claire's shelves minus a few girlie ones, and filled up his new fire man book shelf.  I also pulled all the baby toys from her room and put them in his room.  I've also been swapping clothes out like crazy since he's been growing so fast!  He is wearing 24 months clothes!  He has outgrown almost everything that has been handed down to us.  Sigh.  My kids grow too fast!!!  Claire is wearing about a size 5 in clothes and size 12 shoes.  She is the tallest girl in her class, like I ALWAYS was!  And everyone guesses Claire is 5 or 6.  She won't even be 3 1/2 for two whole months!  I try to keep both of my kids in babyish/younger looking clothes for this reason: to make them look younger!  I also had Claire's hair trimmed when we were recently in VA Beach, as 1) it's pain to take care of and 2) shorter hair does indeed make kids look younger!  At least I think so.  I don't know?  What are your thoughts on that?

We've had an expensive week.  Claire's preschool tuition was due early because of the holidays.  Then, we had a furnace repair.  THEN I needed 4 new tires.  The front 2 were bald and the back 2 were nearly bald.  Don't they check these things on oil changes?  Oh, and Christmas is in about a month.  SO in other exciting news, I pretty much broke our good camera, which accounts for the SEVERE lack of pictures lately, as well as here and on Facebook.  I do apologize for the poor-quality phone pictures on Facebook lately.  However, Josh has ordered a new point and shoot camera for me, so I'm very excited about this!  The camera will no longer require two hands.

But the most exciting news is....I got a part-time job!  ***Very part-time.  What is it, you do say?  Well, I shall leave you hanging.  I'll post again soon about that!

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