Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 7 Months to my Big Baby Boy!

WOW!  Alexander turned 7 whole months today!  The time has sure flown by!  It seems that time just keeps flying!  Alex sits very well unsupported, but I still keep a hand or pillow close by.  He is indeed my little pumpkin:
 He is my little belly boy and absolutely LOVES being on his belly.  He also sleeps on his belly most of the time!  He rolls onto his stomach the second you put him down on his back and can push up quite far, as well as airplane very well. 
 Holly's friend, Leah, took these beautiful photos while we were recently visiting in VA Beach.  Alex has killer blue eyes and everyone says so.  If I could have a buck for everyone who commented on his eyes, he would have a fat college fund going already.
 He is my little giggly happy boy and loves to smile!  He weighed 23.14 a week ago at the breastfeeding group and has already outgrown his pumpkin seat.  He now is riding in a rear-facing (of course!) convertible seat, which fits his 29 inch, 24 month size-wearing frame much better!
Other things about Alexander at 7 months:
  • loves to be tickled and is very ticklish around his neck and will usually giggle when getting undressed/dressed
  • has discovered that he is a boy when taking a bath or getting a diaper change 
  • LOVES to jump in his jumper
  • loves tags/taggie toys and chewing on anything he can get his hands on, esp. paper!
  • loves being outside
  • loves splashing in the tub
  • loves eating foods and has been crazy about everything I've given him!
  • favorite foods seem to be peaches, applesauce, and bananas
  • absolutely refuses to take a paci and has for a little over the past month (he just wants the real thing!  Momma's pacifiers! LOL!)
  • enjoys watching Claire run and play
  • I think he likes to be on his belly so he can look around and play
  • can scoot/roll pretty good
  • is a great sleeper, and still sleeps more than awake, down to about 3 longer naps or 4-5 shorter ones
  • will sleep 12 hours, nursing only 2-3 times at night

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