Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Whirlwind Week!

Last Wednesday morning, I flew out to visit my sister Holly who lives in VA Beach.  I brought Claire and Alexander with me and Daddy had to work.  (Haha.  Sorry, Josh.  Thanks for working so hard!)  This is what our week looked like:

Wednesday:  Travel day and settle in and then begins the Mommy meeting tour!

Morning - 
Attended a clothing Exchange at a nearby church.  You bring 10 items, and you get to swap 10 other items.  We scored a 4T snow suit and a bunch of stuff for trading tiny newborn clothes that really nobody else in this family is going to wear!
Attended Best Milk Bistro with Hollly and our kiddos.  It's like a BF'ing support group with a scale.  All the kids/babies wore costumes so it was super fun!
Late Afternoon -
Went to Target and Babies R Us.
Evening -
Went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory.  Super yum

Morning -
Went to a LLL meeting at someone's house with a giant yard, including a play house, tree house, swing set, giant sandbox, and plenty of room to run.  They had to be about 20 women and 30 kids/babies there.  Maybe more.  It was by far the biggest meeting I've gone to!  It was fun, of course, and Claire had a great time in their playroom, too!

Watched Holly and Mark run a 10 K with baby Nolan, now three months in their jogger.  Everyone dressed up so that was a BLAST to watch!

Went to church with Holly.  It was Reformation Sunday, and so there were 5 confirmands.  (Basically in the Lutheran church, where we practice infant baptism, the young adults are "confirmed" which is an affirmation of their baptism.)
Late afternoon-Went trick-or-treating at the mall.  It was packed and 80% of the stores were out of candy.
6 pm - BEGIN the trick-or-treat!   Claire had an absolute blast.  She wore a pink dress and crown and declared herself SLEEPING BEAUTY!

Park Playdate with AP group.  Holly brought the parachute she has and balls to bounce on it.  The kids had a blast! :)   We brought a picnic lunch with peanut butter sandwhichs and Claire got to run around on a great big playground complete with swings, which oddly seem missing from lots of playgrounds these days!
Clothes Horse consignment shopping.  I spent $35 and got Claire a huge bag of clothes, all marked down.  I got her lots of solid colored wardrobe basics that will match other various items she already has
Evening -  Indian food out!  NOM!  Alex also tried bites of the Buttered Chicken, Chicken Marsala, and Curry Chicken (all mild) and loved them all as much as I did! :)

10 am - ANOTHER LLL meeting!  This one was smaller and Claire loved playing with the little girls whose house it was.  They had a princess room and a big Barbie house!  Wawa for lunch subs and another store for more consignment sales shopping

Wed -  We got our hair chopped off in the morning!  Me, Claire, and Holly.  Well, Claire just got a trim ;)  I got my hair super cute!  I'll have to post pictures soon!

For lunch we went to a place for Seafood place called Bubba's for lunch.  Then we raced back to Holly's to grab the 3 suitcases and rushed to the airport at 2..only to find that my 3:45 flight was delayed a full hour.  FUN!  So that meant my connecting flight would be missed in Baltimore.  So my layover was rerouted through to Chicago.  We ended up not getting home until nearly 11pm. 

Luckily, Alex is a great sleeper ANYWHERE and slept the entire 2 flights (nursing on take offs and landings when he was awake).  Claire slept most of the first flight which was longer.  Anyways, she was still up this morning and wanted to go to preschool so I took her.  Then we all took a 3 1/2 hour nap this afternoon.  No 8pm bedtime today ;)

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