Friday, April 22, 2011

Alexander is ONE!

Your favorite toy for playing is: new cars you got for your birthday 

Your favorite toy for snuggling is:  Mommy!  You give real hugs now!

Your favorite food is:  lately chicken

Your favorite book is:  ones with shiny "mirror" pages

Your favorite activity is: Playing in Isa's garden at the children's museum with the blocks

Your favorite place to go is:  Scooting to the top of the stairs to throw toys between the baby gate rails so you can watch toys bounce down the steps!

Your best friend is: Mommy ;)

Something new that you're doing:  Have started physical therapy weekly, just starting last week with First Steps for your low tone in your core: hence the scooting and not crawling yet.  You love bouncing on the big exercise ball, but do not like the stairs yet. 

Something you've mastered:  Pulling up off the floor to a kneeling position

Something people say about you:  What blue eyes!  He has a lot of hair!

Something new that you're saying is: nom nom for food that is yummy and buy bye

Something new that you're signing is: MORE and ALL DONE

Some new Boo-boos: You like to open the drawer in the bottom of the oven, but manage to shut your hand in there a lot.

How many teeth:  7 now!  4 top middle and 3 got another this month!

Alexander 12 month stats: height 32.5 inches (95%); weight 27.2 (95%); head 19 inches (93%).



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