Friday, March 25, 2011

Alexander at 11 months

Your favorite toy for playing is:  outlets and toilet paper...well, real toys would have to be anything with wheels or balls

Your favorite toy for snuggling is:  the squishy blocks

Your favorite food is:  any kind of meat or marina sauce

Your favorite book is:  any of the crinkly ones or lift the flap ones

Your favorite activity is:  nursing, sleeping, getting into baby trouble like destroying mommy's fake plant or knocking over the floor lamps, getting worn in the sling by mommy, playing with Claire

Your favorite place to go is:  Mommy's Breastaurant.  Open 24/7/365
Your best friend is:  Mommy ;)

Something new that you're doing:  You started scooting at about 10 months.  You started scooting FAST at 10.5 months.  You started pushing up into sitting at 11 months.  You've started to pull yourself up to your knees at 11 m, 1 w. 

Something you've mastered:  Initiating games of Peek-a-boo or Pat-a-cake.  You like to softly bump heads, click your togue and wait for us to repeat it, as well as this "La la la" sound game you do by patting your mouth while open 

Something people say about you:  He is a big baby!  And the eye comments: He has beautiful blue eyes.  I could get lost in his eyes.  He has big eyes.  The girls are going to love him!  He's going to be a lady killer.

Something that you're saying is:  Dada, Mama, Up Up (sounds like pop, pop), Bu-ble (for bubbles),  Car (for Claire)

Something Dad and I are proud of you for:  Not throwing too much food on the floor at meals ;)

Something surprising about you:  You are already busting out of the 24 month sizes.  I had your feet measured a couple weeks ago.  5 WIDE.  Uh-oh!  Size 5 diapers!

Some Boo-boos: You chipped your top front tooth on the fireplace

How many teeth:  2 bottom middle, and the 4 top ones.  You like getting your teeth brushed.

Sleep:  You sleep about 12 hours.  Usually 8 to 8ish.  You can survive with one nap/day, but usually do better with 2 shorter ones.  One from about 10-11 then another around 2-4 ish.  We aren't super strict with sleep.  Mommy nurses you to sleep, every time, of course. ;)  You stopped taking your binkies promptly at 6 months when you lost that sucking reflex

Hair:  You have had 3 hair cuts.  Wow.  Your hair grows fast and thick like Daddy's! 

We love you so much! You've grown so much in the past few months!  I can't wait to see how big you are at your 12 month appt in just 3 short weeks!


Mommy :)

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Lillie said...

boy does he look like his dad in that photo! it's a really sweet one! did you hear the word? ...i'll be having a baby boy myself in July!!