Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ban the Bags

I found this page making fun of the formula bags, which they give out at hospitals when a new baby is born. My "breastfeeding" bag I got when Claire was born, was full of formula tube samples, which is a direct violation of the WHO marketing code of course...tell me what you think?

Healthy Heart and Lungs Success gift packs will be handed out on the cardiac and respiratory floors. The lovely red bags will be emblazoned with the logo M---oro and contain Nic----te gum to help smokers stop, free samples of cigarettes, literature from Phi---p M---is on how to stop smoking, coupons for bacon, cigarettes, fast food plus a card to join the cigarette company "Healthy Heart Club." When post-heart attack patients join the club they will receive a monthly newsletter with stories and articles about quitting smoking, exercise and living a healthier life as well as free and cents off coupons for tobacco products.Initially the bag was to be given to those who had decided that they would prefer to continue smoking for whatever reason, however there was some concern that those who had chosen to quit smoking would be unhappy at not receiving the gift pack. A decision was made to give the packs to all patients. If patients don't want the sample packs they can throw them out or donate them to a poor person who chooses to smoke and use the bag to carry their medications and oxygen tubing. Hospital personnel were instructed to present equal, balanced information on the advantages and disadvantages of breathing clean air vs. smoking. One health care provider stated,"We support breathing clean air, but not smoking is hard and not everyone can or wants to do it, I wouldn't want to make them feel guilty for choosing to smoke. Another health care provider stated, "I don't know how to help patients stop smoking, besides, I choose to smoke and I am fine."There are a number of reasons a cardiac or respiratory patient might want to smoke:"Smoking is a convenient way to cope with the stress of illness.""When I go to the bar, I might be embarrassed to not smoke""My dad and brothers couldn't quit so I am sure that I won't be able to quit smoking either""The last time I tried to quit I was so uncomfortable that I switched to smoking after 3 days""I only want to be smoke free for the six weeks I am recuperating, since I want to smoke when I go back to work.""I plan on combining smoking and breathing clean air""If smoking were that dangerous, they wouldn't have sent these samples home with me""The doctor said that my air was contaminated, so he said smoking was better.If you are trying to quit smoking and would like a free sample bag please sign below or visit our website at Tongue planted very firmly in cheek. ;-PTess Parriott RN, IBCLC
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