Sunday, October 5, 2008

Riley Days with Richie

Now that Claire is bigger I dig her Baby Bjorn. I love it for crowds because strollers are hard to push through crowds and over hoses, etc. that run around fests like these. Here we are on the corner of State Road 9 and Hwy 40 in downtown Greenfield.

The bright light hurts my eyes. OUCH. I try to take my shades off for some pictures, but my eyes can't handle it. Notice Claire's hat shading her eyes? Boo to cataracts. She also had some sunglasses with but she kept ripping them off despite the Velcro band. :( Argh. I need to staple-gun it to her head. That'll keep them on.

Here is my brother Richie. He makes me feel short. I love it. :) I also love Claire's face in this picture. She is making her monkey noise. She quacks, moos, and hoots like a monkey. Do monkeys hoot? Or is that owls...

So we saw the parade at 11 am. They throw gobs of candy in this parade. And I swear the kids these days are so lazy they don't even pick it all up. But why would you want a tootsie roll if you've already had something like the awesomeness of a deep-fried Snickers. Richie shared his ice cream with Claire. She loved it. Josh, carnivore, that he is, enjoyed eating meat-on-a-stick from this Asian place.

We enjoyed our visit with Rich. Then he headed back up to Purdue for a football game. Go Boilermakers.

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